Mega Rare Poebrotherium Camel Skull Fossil w/Lower Jaws

Name: Poebrotherium Camel Skull w/Lower Jaws
Age:  Oligocene
Formation:  Brule Formation
Location:  White River Badlands, South Dakota
Size: Skull is 6.5 inches long

Specimen SSA662

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This is a rare mammal fossil. It is a complete skull and lower jaws from the extinct Camel, Poebrotherium. This fine specimen was recently acquired from the Joseph Schur Collection. Poebrotherium is an extinct genus of Camel, endemic to North America. The teeth of Poebrotherium were more generalised than those of modern camelids. In fact, despite the name meaning "grass-eating beast" it is likely that Poebrotherium was either a browser or a mixed-feeder, and grass may have played a minimal role in the diet of Poebrotherium. Unlike its modern cousins, which are either adapted for desert or alpine conditions, Poebrotherium took the place of a gazelle or deer in the White River Fauna ecosystem.

This distinct specimen has the skull and lower jaws intact and tightly articulated. Almost all of the front teeth are intact (which is highly unusual), and most of the back teeth (molars) are also present. The skull itself is beautifully showcased in the sculpted matrix block, making for a very aesthetic display. This is a very cool and extremely detailed fossil of this extinct early Camel - very sought-after and extremely collectible.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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