Name: Wanneria walcottana
Age:  Lower Cambrian
Formation:  Kinzers Formation
Location:  Brubaker's Quarry, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Size: Trilobite is SIX INCHES LONG!

Specimen SSA629

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This is a fabulous example of a rare Lower Cambrian trilobite. It is a HUGE, complete Wanneria walcottana from the Brubaker's Quarry, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This monster specimen was found in 1986, and has been in our collection for years - this locality is closed and has been a parking lot for the last 30 years! This trilobite is a true Wanneria, which is MUCH rarer than Olenellus in the fossil record. The gigantic trilobite (SIX INCHES LONG!) is complete and very well articulated down to the tiny, bifurcated tail. The detail is easily seen - the unique reticulated, porous surface of the trilobite is still somewhat intact, which is quite unusual. The distinct bug is nicely inflated, and the overall display is extremely impressive. This is not only a "keeper", it is a collection cornerstone. It is simply a massive example of Wanneria walcottana that is worthy of any museum or fossil collection.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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