Top Quality Wanneria walcottana Trilobite- Almost 4" Long!

Name: Wanneria walcottana
Age:  Lower Cambrian
Formation:  Kinzers Formation
Location:  Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Size: Trilobite is almost 4 inches long!

Specimen SSA625

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This is a fabulous example of a rare Lower Cambrian trilobite. It is a complete Wanneria walcottana from the Brubaker's Quarry, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This specimen was found in 1985, and has been in our collection for years - this locality is closed and has been a parking lot for the last 30 years! This trilobite is a true Wanneria, which is MUCH rarer than Olenellus in the fossil record. The large trilobite (almost FOUR inches long!) is complete and very well articulated. The detail is amazing - the unique reticulated surface of the outer shell is still intact, which is extremely unusual. The bug is wonderfully inflated, and the overall display is very impressive. This is a keeper - a top quality example of Wanneria walcottana that is worthy of any museum or fossil collection.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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