Killer Arctinurus boltoni with Pustulose Exoskeleton

Name: Arctinurus boltoni
Age:  Middle Silurian
Formation:  Rochester Shale
Location:  Middleport, New York
Size: Trilobite is over 5 inches long

Specimen SSA612

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This is a very impressive example of a classic U.S. trilobite. It is a textbook Arctinurus boltoni from the Silurian of New York. This is one of the most sought-after and displayable types of trilobites in the world. We collected the quarry for a year, and only found a handful of complete specimens. This fabulous trilobite was acquired from the elite collection of the late Eugene Thomas - one of the most respected trilobite collectors in the world. This wonderfully articulated trilobite exhibits very fine detail - the entire carapace of the trilobite is covered with distinct pustules, and the thick shell exoskeleton is quite dark and shiny. The large trilobite is quite inflated, and the cephalic process (''snout'') is easily seen. The pleural spines terminate in sharp points, and the broad, fan-shaped pygidium is wonderfully displayed. The broad-bodied bug is beautifully showcased on the semi-squared block of thick shale. This is a very detailed and very displayable example of this highly collectible, classic Lichid trilobite direct from the Eugene Thomas Collection.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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