Beautiful, Rare Fossil Nautiloid from France - Huge!

Name: Fossil Nautiloid - Cymatoceras?
Age:  Cretaceous
Location:  France
Size: Nautiloid is 6" long, plate is 12" across

Specimen SSA614

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This is a spectacular cephalopod fossil. It is a huge fossil Nautiloid (Cymatoceras?) from the Cretaceous of France.This type of cephalopod is a Nautiloid, and has an extremely rounded keel and distinct chambers displayed. This HUGE specimen (SIX inches long!) is extremely inflated and 3-D. The coiling pattern of the cephalopod is easily seen, and the inner whorl of the Nautiloid is clearly defined - even the individual chambers are quite evident. This impressive fossil has excellent orange-brown color - quite striking. The fossil is wonderfully showcased on the very large (a foot across!), natural block of matrix that has been sawed flat on the bottom for optimal display. And there is also a complete ammonite preserved on the rock - a rare association of a Nautiloid and a true ammonite! This is a very displayable and collectible specimen of this beautiful (and rare!) Nautiloid from France.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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