Extremely Rare Split Pair Amphibian- Salamandra

Name: Salamandra adipem
Age:  Late Jurassic
Formation:  Xichu Zone
Location:  Hebei, Weichang, China
Size: Amphibian is almost 5 inches long!

Specimen SSA602

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Here is a very detailed fossil of a rare Jurassic amphibian. This is an excellent SPLIT PAIR example of Salamandra adipem, a Salamander, from China. This specimen was acquired in an old collection. This large vertebrate fossil is extremely detailed and very nicely preserved. The amphibian is wonderfully outstretched and lays in a straight line, not all jumbled up. The head is extremely detailed - even the tiny teeth are preserved and are easily seen! The backbone is quite distinct, and some of the limbs are even present. The fossil Salamander has cool, natural coloration which contrasts beautifully with the lighter-colored matrix. The articulated fossil is well showcased on the large block of dense shale. And this is a SPLIT PAIR fossil - both the part and counterpart or present and offered together! This is a very displayable and collectible example of a fossilized Salamander from Asia.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.
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