Acaciella Stromatolite - Over a BILLION Years Old!

Name: Acaciella australica
Age:  Precambrian
Formation:  Bitter Springs Formation
Location:  Alice Springs, NT, Australia
Size: Plate is 6.4 inches across!

Specimen SSA790

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Here is a fantastic specimen of a fossilized stromatolite. This is Acaciella australica from the Precambrian of Australia. This stromatolite is reported to be over 1 billion years old! Authorities believe that ancient stromatolites were formed by masses of green or blue-green algae, or ''cyanobacteria''. This distinct plate of stromatolite displays many individual "cells" in textbook fashion. The cell structure is extremely well defined , and the unusual depositional pattern is wonderfully showcased. The natural coloration and the detailed mineral replacement is quite striking. This is an extremely collectible example of a rare stromatolite cluster from Australia.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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