28 Euryeschatia Edrios Attached to Conulariid!

Name: Euryeschatia reboulorum on Conulariid
Age:  Ordovician
Formation:  Upper Tiouririne Formation
Location:  El Ca¨id Rami area, Morocco
Size: Plate is 8.3 inches tall!

Specimen XIEDR702

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Here is an ultra rare association plate from the Ordovician of Morocco. These are Euryeschatia reboulorum Edrioasteroids preserved in life position on a Conulariid. Edrioasteroids were primitive echinoderms which consisted of a flexible theca composed of numerous polygonal plates. These edrioasteroids exhibit fine detail - the outer rings of small plates are beautifully displayed, and the ambulacral plates are well defined, displaying a distinctive star shape. The reconstruction of the life mode of Euryeschatia reboulorum (see photos) shows the attachment of dense populations of these edrioasteroids to living Conulariids, and is exactly what this fossil displays! The edrios extend to the edge/corner of the Conulariid, just like in the reconstruction. And there is also a huge, very strange echinoderm that looks like it may have arms, hanging off the corner of the Conulariid! This is not just a plate of 28 edrioasteroids, it is a colony of edrios in "life mode", living on the body of a Conularid. This is a very collectible plate of many, MANY edrioasteroids with an unique story to tell in the Fossil Record.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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