HUGE 14 Inch Isotelus with Mouthplate - WOW!

Name: Isotelus latus
Age:  Ordovician
Formation:  Cobourg Formation
Location:  Ontario, Canada
Size: Trilobite is 14 inches long!

Specimen SSA751

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This is a HUGE example of a classic Ordovician trilobite. It is a monster Isotelus latus from Ontario, Canada. This specimen was collected by, prepared by, and was in the collection of the late Eugene Thomas. The front of the cephalon of this trilobite, where it comes to a point, has been reconstructed - Isotelus latus has a rounded head, not a pointed one. But the rest of the head, the body, and the tail are mostly intact and essentially complete with only minimal reconstruction. But the focal point of this trilobite is the HUGE hypostoma (mouthplate) preserved in the center of the head! This trilobite was found with the hypostoma only partially exposed, then Eugene prepped it out more - the thick shell hypostoma is now almost fully exposed and displays beautifully in life position - extremely impressive! The rest of the trilobite has striking, natural dark color that contrasts well with the light grey matrix. The massive arthropod is well showcased on the large block of limestone matrix. And, remember, this gigantic trilobite is well over a foot long - FOURTEEN INCHES LONG, WOW! This is not a pristine example of this elusive Canadian trilobite, but it is EASILY one of the largest North American trilobites you will EVER see, especially with hypostoma preserved.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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