SUPER Carcharocles "Meg" Shark Tooth - Georgia

Name: Carcharocles megalodon Shark Tooth
Age:  Miocene
Formation:  Hawthorne Formation
Location:  Georgia
Size: Tooth is 5 1/8" long, 3 3/4" wide

Specimen SSA736

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This is a beautiful fossil shark tooth. It is a very large Carcharocles megalodon (Extinct Giant White Shark) tooth from the Miocene Deposits of Georgia. This impressive specimen was recently acquired from a MAJOR fossil collection. .First off, photos and descriptions do not do justice to this tooth - it has to be seen in person to get the full effect. The serrations and pointed tip are still razor-sharp and almost fully intact. The high quality enamel has full coverage and is super glossy. The massive root of this tooth is predominately all pyrite with a few "gold gobs" scattered about, and strewn through the bourlette - amazing! This is easily one the finest pyrite teeth we have ever seen. There is no polish or varnish. There is no repair or restoration. This is simply one of the best Meg teeth of any size, or from any locality, that we have ever had, period!

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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