Spectacular Fossil Cone from Argentina- New Species!

Name: Araucaria new species Cone
Age:  Jurassic
Formation:  Petrified Forest
Location:  Cerro Cuadrado, Patagonia, Argentina
Size: Cone is 4" tall x 2.5" wide, 7.5" circumference

Specimen SSA735

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This is a fabulous example of a rare fossil cone. It is a gorgeous specimen of Araucaria new species from the Jurassic of Argentina. This specimen was recently acquired from a MAJOR fossil collection. This is a new species of Araucaria cone - the individual scales are very small, compared to the larger scales on Araucaria mirabilis cones. This fossil cone is MASSIVE and HEAVY and incredibly well inflated. The colorful cone exhibits exquisite detail - the distinct scales are beautifully preserved, and the long stem is still intact, which is quite unusual.  And the back, top, and bottom of the cone are also simply awesome! This is a top quality example of a whole Araucaria n. sp. cone with scales and long stem intact.

ote: Argentina has now banned the export of all fossils. We will strictly abide by and enforce this law - we will not acquire new fossils from Argentina. However, this fossil was collected and exported prior to this law, and can be sold legally.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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