Breathtaking Spiny Millipede Entombed in Amber

Name: Spiny Millipede (Diplopoda, Polyxenidae)
Age:  Oligocene
Formation:  Amber Mines
Location:  Dominican Republic
Size: Amber piece is about 1 inch diagonal

Specimen SSA829

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This is a very rare and unusual animal in Dominican Amber. It is a spectacular Spiny Millipede (Diplopoda, Polyxenidae) of the type Polyxenus sp. Millipedes were slowly-moving insects and were rarely trapped in amber - usually, they are poorly fossilized. This beautiful specimen has extremely fine detail preserved - note the very fine bristles preserved on both sides of the Millipede. The bizzarre insect is EASILY seen trapped within the large, colorful amber piece. This is a very displayable and collectible organism entombed in Amber (small close-up photo is even included!).

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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