Rare Miocene Hyena Skull with Lower Jaws Intact

Name: Percrocuta sp. (Hyena Skull)
Age:  Miocene
Formation:  Guanhe Beds
Location:  Near Linxia, Gansu Province, China
Size: Skull is about 10 inches long

Specimen SSA713

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This is a very collectible vertebrate fossil. It is a very nice skull and lower jaws of Percrocuta sp., a Hyena, from the Miocene of China. The overall shape of the skull is textbook, and the bone structure is extremely well preserved. The skull and jaws are naturally tightly articulated - they have NOT been reattached together. There are MANY teeth still embedded in the skull and jaws, including the long upper canines, which is rare. The teeth are nicely displayed and have excellent enamel preserved. And the white fossil bone is not only striking, but extremely detailed. This is a very collectible skull and lower jaws from a Miocene hyena - a killer display piece.

NOTE: China has now banned the export of fossils. This fossil was acquired long before the ban was put into effect.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.
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