Very Collectible Anomalocaris Claw - British Columbia!

Name: Anomalocaris canadensis Grasping Appendage
Age:  Middle Cambrian
Formation:  Stephens Formation
Location:  British Columbia, Canada
Size: Grasper is 2.4 inches long

Specimen SSA835

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This is an extremely important Cambrian fossil. It is a texttbook Anomalocaris canadensis Grasping Appendage from the Mt. Stephen/Burgess Shale area of British Columbia, Canada. This specimen was acquired from an OLD fossil collection - it had been found many, MANY years ago, and was in the collection for decades. Anomalocaris was a large predator, sometimes called the ''T. rex of the Cambrian Seas''. This distinct specimen shows a complete Anomalocaris "claw". Under magnification, the detail is much better than the photos show. The segmentation is easily seen and even the tiny "fringes" are present. This is an extremely collectible fossil - proof that many trilobites of the Cambrian were indeed attacked, caught, and eaten by Anomalocaris.


A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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