EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - 2.3'' Modocia typicalis

Name: Modocia typicalis
Age:  Middle Cambrian
Formation:  Marjum Formation
Location:  Millard County, Utah

Specimen TTUTM29

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Here is a classic trilobite from the United States. This is a HUGE Modocia typicalis from the Middle Cambrian of Utah. There is no restoration or reconstruction on this fantastic specimen. This trilobite is very prone and nicely articulated. Both free cheeks are present. The bug is somewhat inflated and exhibits excellent detail. The sharply-pointed pleural spines are all intact and easily seen. This trilobite has gorgeous natural color - the chocolate brown fossil contrasts beautifully with the tan-orange matrix. The bug is well showcased on the large plate of matrix. This is an extremely nice, large example of Modocia typicalis from the Marjum Shale.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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