Ultra Cool Trilobite - Symphysops subarmatus

Name: Symphysops subarmatus
Age:  Ordovician
Location:  Morocco

Specimen SS1086

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This is one cool Moroccan trilobite. This is a fantastic Symphysops subarmatus from Morocco. This type has a HUGE head and very few segments. This type is quite sought-after for these extreme features, and this specimen showcases these features beautifully. This fabulous trilobite has its natural color preserved - excellent preservation for this layer! The large spine off the front of the head is REAL, and the tip is supported by a pillar of matrix. The genal and first pleural spines are also intact, which is extremely unusual. This is a very displayable example of this rare trilobite that is one of the best of this type we've seen.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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