Monster Unerupted Mastadon Tooth - Top Quality!

Name: Mammut americanum (Mastadon Tooth)
Age:  Pliocene
Formation:  Hawthorn Formation
Location:  Beaufort County, South Carolina
Size: Tooth is almost 7 inches long!

Specimen SSA815

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This is a top quality fossil Mastadon tooth. It is from the extinct American Mastadon, Mammut americanum. This type of animal crossed the land bridge from North America to Russia and made it as far as Eastern Europe. The Mastadon lived beyond the end of the Ice Age and was hunted by early Man. It was a very large and interesting Ice Age mammal, similar to the Wooly Mammoth.

This distinct specimen has a nearly complete crown. The large cusps of the tooth are unworn, so it is most likely an unerupted tooth. The massive enamel crown has great natural black and greyish coloration. The tooth has excellent detail preserved - the thick enamel has its natural reticulation intact. The tooth is extremely large and very, very impressive. This is a top quality tooth from this very sought-after Mastadon from North America - highly collectible and extremely displayable.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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