Very Detailed Armored Fish- Bothriolepis canadensis

Name: Bothriolepis canadensis
Age:  Upper Devonian
Formation:  Escuminac Formation
Location:  Escuminac Bay, Quebec, Canada
Size: Fish is 4.2 inches long

Specimen SSA704

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This is an excellent example of a classic fossil fish. It is a large Bothriolepis canadensis from Quebec, Canada. This specimen was found in the 1960's, and acquired from a major fossil collection. Bothriolepis, or ''pitted scale'', was a bottom-dwelling armored fish from the Devonian. The head and pectoral fins were covered with highly-ornamented armor plates, but the trunk and tail were naked to the elements (see illustration). This cool specimen has the main cephalic armor and the armored pectoral fins intact and beautifully articulated - only the very tip of the right fin is restored. The highly ornamented plates are incredibly well preserved and exhibit amazing detail. The array of sharp spines on the pectoral fins are also intact, which is quite inusual. The fish is wonderfully displayed on the semi-concretionary limestone plate. This is a wonderful example of a classic Devonian fish that was found decades ago and recently acquired from a major collection.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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