Awesome Mass Mortality Fish Plate in Beautiful Frame

Name: Mass Mortality Fish Plate
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Green River Formation
Location:  Kemmerer, Wyoming
Size: Frame is 25" X 35", largest fish is 10.5" long

Specimen SS1096

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This is one of the best fossil fish plates we have ever offered. It is a large Mass Mortality plate from the Green River Formation of Wyoming. This fossil was found in the ''18 Inch Layer'', a layer where the fossils have wonderful detail and great dark color. The fossils from this layer need to be extracted under a microscope to reveal all the detail - this is done with an air scribe and air abrasive. This very large specimen (almost a full 2' X 3'!) has incredible detail, much better than most. The largest fish on the plate is a fabulous Phareodus testis - the backbone, ribs, fins, tail, and large teeth are all distinct and very easily seen. There are also two Knightia alta fish (top), a cool Diplomystus dentatus (center), and a nice Mioplosus labricoides preserved on the plate. And, best of all, the fossil has been professionally framed for optimal display. This is a very large, aesthetic multiple fish fossil with FOUR different species of fish on one plate.






A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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