Cool Wooly Mammoth Tooth Still Embedded in Jaw

Name: Mammuthus primigenius Jaw
Age:  Pleistocene
Formation:  Rhine River Deposits
Location:  Worms, Germany
Size: Tooth and jaw are 9.5 inches long

Specimen SSA702

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This is a very unusual Mammoth fossil. It is a lower jaw from the Woolly Mammoth, Mammuthus primigenius. This specimen was found in the Rhine River, near Worms, Germany. The large jaw has a complete tooth intact and tightly rooted in the jaw. This is a rare find - usually only loose teeth are found. Another unusual feature of this jaw is that the tooth is very well preserved! The tooth measures 6 inches across the grinding surface, and the entire jaw section is nine and a half inches long! The size of the tooth and jaw makes this fossil quite impressive. This is a fabulous specimen of a rare European Mammoth jaw with large tooth still embedded.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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