Rare Prone Encrinurus macrourus - Gotland, Sweden

Name: Encrinurus macrourus
Age:  Silurian
Formation:  Ludlow, Hemse Mergel
Location:  Sproge, Gotland, Sweden
Size: Trilobite is not quite 1 inch long

Specimen SS1104

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This is a very rare European trilobite. It is a fabulous Encrinurus macrourus from Gotland, Sweden. This classic Swedish locality is under water - specimens now have to come from old collections - this one is from a major collection. This complete specimen is outstretched - almost all of the trilobites found at this locality are fully or partially enrolled. The bug has a striking, natural brown exoskeleton - simply beautiful! The trilobite is extremely ornate and has free-standing genal spines and HUGE bulbous eyes - wow! The impressive trilobite displays well on the sculpted plate of shale. This is a spectacular example of this very cool, very rare Silurian trilobite from Sweden.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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