EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Trilobites All in a Line

Name: Ampyx Mass Mortality Plate
Age:  Ordovician
Formation:  Tanssikhte Deposits
Location:  Zagora, Morocco
Size: Plate is 8.2 inches tall

Specimen TTMMU908

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This is an extremely cool mass mortality trilobite plate. It is a grouping of SIX trilobites - five Ampyx and one Asaphid - from the Ordovician of Morocco. These trilobites are REAL, unlike many of the Moroccan Ampyx specimens on the market that have carved and painted spines. These six trilobites are all in line, with the five Ampyx going one direction, and the lone Asaphid going the other - this is extremely unusual in the fossil record! These trilobites were probably preserved in a windrow, or fossilized how they were washed up on a beach - hard to tell! The trilobites are wonderfully articulated and exhibit excellent detail. The fossils are also extremely inflated and 3-D for this type. Most of the trilobites are a dark orange color, but one Ampyx is almost black - this is fully natural and shows a cool difference in preservation! The bugs are beautifully showcased on the large, squared plate of limestone. This is an extremely collectible ''death assemblage'' plate of Ordovician trilobites from Morocco

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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