Strange and Beautiful Heteromorphic Ammonite

Name: Anclyoceras matheronianum
Age:  Jurassic
Formation:  Aptian Layers
Location:  Saratov, Russia
Size: Ammonite is 8" long and 5.2" wide

Specimen SS1064

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This is a beautiful heteromorphic ammonite. It is a large Anclyoceras matheronianum from Saratov, Russia. This type of ammonite is loosely coiled, and this specimen displays this feature in textbook fashion. The ammonite has exquisite detail, with the ribbing pattern very easily seen and the tiny inner coils of the ammonite wonderfully intact. The colorful nacreous shell still has the striking iridescence preserved. The ammonite is almost perfectly centered on the concretionary block of limestone. This is one of the most displayable types of ammonites you could ever own. It is a showcase fossil that could easily be a centerpiece of any fossil collection.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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