Very Bizarre Fossil Crab - Homolopsis etheridgei

Name: Homolopsis etheridgei
Age:  Cretaceous
Formation:  Concretion Zone
Location:  Hughenden, Queensland
Size: Crab is 3.7 inches across legs

Specimen SS1057

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This is an outstanding crab fossil. It is a large Homolopsis etheridgei from the Cretaceous of Australia. This crab was found in a very hard, dense concretion, and the concretion has been split open to reveal this fabulous fossil. Preparation of a specimen like this is quite laborious, to say the least. The crab is extremely 3-dimensionally preserved and exhibits great detail. The carapace, TINY claws, and most of the legs are intact and beautifully displayed. This is very rare - usually, only the carapace is fossilized. The fossil has excellent color and contrast and is well displayed in the large concretion - both halves of the concretion are intact and offered together. This is a very complete and collectible specimen of a fossil crab from Down Under.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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