Incredible Bundenbach Plate Teeming with Crinoids

Name: Parasangulocrinus zaeformis
Age:  Devonian
Formation:  Hunsruck Shale (Bundenbach)
Location:  Bundenbach, Germany
Size: Plate is 9.5 inches across

Specimen SS1036

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This is an amazing multiple specimen of Parasangulocrinus zaeformis from the famous Devonian slate of Germany. The quarries in this area produced slate for the roofing industry for many years. Now the quarries are closed, and the only way to obtain the rare fossils from this site is through the dispersal of old collections. This piece was obtained from an old German collection. This plate of roofing slate was originally x-rayed and found to have crinoids inside (x-ray is included). The plate was then roughly prepared to expose the crinoids, and a black and white photo was taken for reference (the two photos are also included). Then the specimen was final-prepared with an air abrasive unit, exposing the plate you see here. After this fine work, the plate has a silver look to it - many Bundenbach plates are "rubbed" back to their original black color, this one was left as-is.

This type of crinoid is characterized by a very small cup, thin branching arms, and a large anal sac - the small, rowed plate structure of the distinct anal sac makes it look like an ear of corn! There are about TWENTY (20!) crinoids represented - have you ever seen a plate of Bundenbach crinoids with twenty specimens preserved? The crinoids seem to be emenating from the center line of the plate, like they were attached to a piece of wood or something. Many of the crinoids have extremely long stems still intact and tightly attached to the crowns.  The distinct branching arms are also easily seen. Overall, this is the most prolific plate of Bundenbach crinoids we have ever seen, and easily one of the best examples of Parasangulocrinus zaeformis ever found.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.
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