Killer Koneprusia and Cornuproetus Association Plate

Name: Koneprusia dahmani, Cornuproetus cornutus
Age:  Devonian
Formation:  AM Limestone
Location:  Morocco
Size: Koneprusia is about 1.8 inches long

Specimen SS1007

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This is simply a fabulous spiny trilobite. It is a complete Koneprusia dahmani from Morocco. This specimen was microscopically prepared in the EXTINCTIONS Preparation Lab here in Colorado, and the results are amazing. This type of trilobite is known for its many long, flowing spines - this specimen showcases its myriad of spines beautifully. The best way for us to describe this specimen is for you to just look at the photos - a picture speaks a thousand words. There are spines everywhere - all three rows of spines were even prepared free-standing! Also, there is a complete Cornuproetus cornutus preserved on the plate - even this specimen has a genal spine  prepared free-standing! This is definitely one of the best examples of Koneprusia that we have ever seen, especially in association with another trilobite. This is a top quality fossil prepared by our own Master Craftsman.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.
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