Name: Psychopyge elegans
Age:  Devonian
Formation:  AM Limestone
Location:  Morocco
Size: Trilobite is 5.7 inches long!

Specimen SSA1002

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This is a top quality example of a classic spiny trilobite. It is a HUGE Psychopyge elegans from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This amazing trilobite was meticulously prepared under a microscope in the EXTINCTIONS Prep Lab. This type of trilobite has a LONG, pointed snout, LONG genal spines, long tailspines, and over 30 vertical spines down the back. This specimen displays all of these features beautifully - the snout, genal spines, and tailspines are all intact and very well preserved. And the occipital ''horn'' and the entire array of 30+ back spines have been prepared free-standing - quite impressive! The gigantic bug (ALMOST SIX INCHES LONG!) is beautifully displayed smack dab in the middle of the large block of sculpted limestone. This is a beautifully prepared and extremely collectible example of one of the most distinct and sought-after spiny trilobites found in Morocco.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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