Awesome Homotelus Multiple from an Old Collection

Name: Homotelus bromidensis
Age:  Ordovician
Formation:  Bromide Formation
Location:  Carter County, Oklahoma
Size: Plate is 5.5 inches across

Specimen SSOK1

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This is a fabulous multiple plate of classic US trilobites. This is a plate of Homotelus bromidensis from the Ordovician of Oklahoma. This specimen was recently acquired from an old fossil collection. There are SIX complete specimens and one partially obscured example of Homotelus on the slab. The trilobites are 3-dimensionally preserved and exhibit very fine detail. The protruding eyes are easily seen, and the individual thoracic segments are clearly defined. The bugs have outstanding color and contrast and are NATURALLY positioned on the beautiful plate of limestone. This is a phenominal display specimen showing both the gregarious nature of trilobites and the impressiveness of death assemblage plates.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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