Incredible Mass Mortality of Jimbacrinus Crinoids

Name: Jimbacrinus bostocki
Age:  Permian (Lower Artinskian)
Formation:  Cundlego Formation
Location:  Near Gascoyne Junction, Western Australia
Size: Plate is about 12 x 13

Specimen SSS972

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This is a very special fossil. It is a large slab of unusual Jimbacrinus bostocki crinoids from Australia. This large plate measures approx. 12 x 13, weighs nearly 13 pounds, and contains AT LEAST 26 individual crinoid crowns. I say at least 26 because there are undoubtedly more to be exposed, several are showing on the reverse side of the plate. This amazing fossil also comes with full paperwork, showing that it was legally exported and legal for us to sell and for you to own. We will include a copy of the original customs paperwork from Australia showing that it was legally imported in 1987 - this is significant because Australia is hard core about not allowing rare Australian fossils to be exported anymore. We will also include the scientific paper describing these incredible Jimbacrinus crinoids. Overall, this is a very impressive, top quality collector fossil that can be the display centerpiece of any crinoid collection.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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