Name: Lizard Tail in Copal
Age:  Pleistocene
Formation:  Rainforest Deposits
Location:  Madagascar
Size: Copal piece is 2.5 inches long!

Specimen ACLIZ01

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We do not usually offer copal in our Amber catalogs because it is not Amber - it is a younger version of Amber. That being said, we got this piece in a fossil collection, so we will sell it here. This is a large piece of copal from Madagascar. It has many insects trapped in the copal - MANY spiders, flies, and a LARGE Termite are preserved in the piece. But the real treasure entombed in this specimen is the long Lizard tail that is trapped within! The Lizard tail is very easily seen in the large copal piece - THE SCALES AND COLOR PATERN ARE BOTH STILL INTACT! This is one of only a handful of Reptile fossils ever found preserved in a piece of copal - and there is no mistaking what it is!. This is a museum quality Lizard tail trapped with a menagerie of insects in Madagascar copal. (Comes in its own glass-covered display mount.)

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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