Spectacular Crinoid Slab from LeGrand, Iowa

Name: Spectacular LeGrand Crinoid Slab
Age:  Mississippian
Formation:  Hampton Formation
Location:  LeGrand, Iowa
Size: Plate is 8.2 inches across

Specimen SSS943

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This is a fabulous multiple crinoid plate from LeGrand, Iowa. This legendary location has been closed to collecting for many decades. However, we have acquired a lot of crinoids from the collection of Professor Lowell Laudon, who found them in the late 1930's and kept them unprepared. They have just recently been prepared, using modern techniques under a microscope. There are 6 crinoids on this piece including a Platycrinites symmetricus root system. The crinoids represented on this piece are Rhodocrinus kirbyi, Cusacrinus nodobrachiatus, Cosmetocrinus spartarius, and Holcocrinus longicirrifer (the most interesting feature of this locality is the different colors of calcite that have replaced the different crinoid species - this plate has all three colors represented - white, tan and dark brown!) The fossil echinoderms have great color and contrast and are naturally positioned on the large, natural plate of limestone that also has a brachiopod and a nice bryozoan colony. This is one case where the photo does not do the fossil justice! This is one of the best display plates we have seen from this classic locality.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.
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