Incredible Plate of TWO Rare Norwoodia bellaspina

Name: Norwoodia bellaspina
Age:  Upper Cambrian
Formation:  Weeks Formation
Location:  Millard County, Utah
Size: Plate is 6.1 inches wide

Specimen SSW301

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This is a killer plate of TWO extremely rare trilobites. These are Norwodia bellaspina from the Upper Cambrian of Utah. Norwodia is possibly the most sought-after trilobite from Utah, and definitely one of the strangest-looking. This plate has TWO fabulous specimens preserved on it. The thick shell exoskeleton is finely detailed, and the LONG, distinct spines display beautifully. The thick shell exoskeletons are finely detailed and contrast beautifully with the natural red matrix. And as a multiple, this is one of only a handful of plates ever found with two Norwodias of this quality preserved! This is a breathtaking example of a rare pair of aesthetic Norwodias from the Upper Cambrian of Utah.

Note: This specimen was obtained legally. However, normally it is illegal to sell fossils from the Weeks Formation and other BLM land.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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