Fabulous Fossil Shrimp with Extraordinary Detail

Name: Aeger spinipes
Age:  Jurassic
Formation:  Malm zeta 2 (Solnhofen)
Location:  Eichstatt, Germany
Size: Shrimp is over 5.5 inches long

Specimen SSS914

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This is a beautifully preserved fossil. It is a fabulous Aeger spinipes from the famous Solnhofen Lithographic Limestone. This dramatic specimen was recently acquired from a MAJOR fossil collector. This shrimp is extremely detailed and amazingly well-preserved. The pointed rostrum, head, carapace, legs, and ALL SIX antennae are all wonderfully displayed - just look at the incredible detail! The shrimp has great, natural dark color and strong contrast and is beautifully showcased on the large, unbroken display plate of lithographic limestone. This is a top quality example of Aeger spinipes, one of the most detailed examples of a fossil shrimp that we have ever seen.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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