Extremely Spiny Enrolled Drotops armatus

Name: Enrolled Drotops armatus
Age:  Devonian
Formation:  AM Limestone
Location:  Morocco
Size: Trilobite is about 2.5 inches wide

Specimen SS987

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This is an extremely spiny trilobite. It is a complete Drotops armatus from Morocco. This fabulous specimen was prepared under a microscope in the EXTINCTIONS Prep Lab here in Colorado, as are all of our Moroccan trilobites. This large, enrolled trilobite (two and a half inches wide) has many, many free-standing spines protruding from the head, body, and tail. The bug is tightly enrolled and extremely inflated, which is quite unusual - usually they are not fully enrolled and/or somewhat flattened.  The large, compound faceted eyes are wonderfully preserved and practically flawless. The natural color and extreme detail of this beauty is simply amazing. And the small base of the trilobite has been attached to a plate of colorful granite for optimal display. This is a very impressive example of an enrolled ''Spiny Phacops'' - one of the best display specimens we have ever had.

This fossil was collected and obtained legally, and is also being sold legally. A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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