Huge Crinoid Plate - SEVEN Corkscrew Platycrinites!

Name: Platycrinites hemisphericus, Others
Age:  Mississippian
Formation:  Edwardsville Formation
Location:  Crawfordsville, Indiana
Size: Plate is 20.5 inches across!

Specimen SS97

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This is a huge multiple plate of crinoids from the famous site at Crawfordsville, Indiana. There are NINE excellent crinoids on the plate. There are SEVEN large Platycrinites hemisphericus crinoids with LONG corkscrew stems still attached to many of them - one even has its roots attached to a coral colony! This many complete crinoids OF THE SAME TYPE on one plate is extremely rare. The crinoids have been prepared in very high relief for optimum display. There are also many Cladochonus coral colonies and other crinoids and stems preserved on the plate. The fossils have very good color and contrast and are well showcased on the large block (over 20 inches across!) of siltstone. This is a very, large, highly unusual multiple plate of corkscrew-stemmed Platycrinites crinoids.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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