Top Quality Multiple Plate of Ceraurus globulobatus

Name: Ceraurus globulobatus
Age:  Ordovician
Formation:  Bobcaygeon Formation
Location:  Ontario, Canada
Size: Plate is 8.7 inches across

Specimen SSDR2

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This is a beautiful plate of Ordovician trilobites. There are FOUR top quality Ceraurus globulobatus on the plate. This specimen was originally part of the Pierre Gonin Collection, then was most recently part of the famous DeRosear Collection. The trilobites on the slab are immaculately preserved - three are complete and outstretched - TEXTBOOK display, while the other one has the tail curled under. The trilobites are almost perfectly articulated and have incredibly fine detail preserved. The trilobites are naturally showcased on the elongate chunk of unbroken limestone. This is museum quality multiple plate of Ceraurus globulobatus that is so beautiful, it has been a centerpiece in two major fossil collections. (Original Gonin Collection label is included.)

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.
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