Spectacular True Starfish with Exquisite Detail

Name: Loriolaster mirabilis
Age:  Devonian
Formation:  Hunsruck Shale (Bundenbach)
Location:  Bundenbach, Germany
Size: Starfish is 5.4" across, plate is 8.7" across

Specimen SS94

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This is one of the most beautiful types of starfish from the world-famous location of Bundenbach, Germany. This is a very detailed specimen of Loriolaster mirabilis. The site at Bundenbach used to be worked extensively for roofing slate - this is no longer the case. The fossils occur so infrequently that it is not worth the time or expense to work the location just for the fossils. There will, no doubt, be very few of these fossils on the market in the near future. Most examples will have to come from old collections, and who knows when they will become available? This beautiful starfish comes to us directly from a MAJOR fossil collection. The starfish is very well preserved on a large plate of roofing slate. The fine detail retained on this specimen is simply amazing. The body of the starfish is nicely posed in life position. All five arms are intact and seem to flow gracefully, and the thin skin of the organism, between the spicules of the arms, is even preserved. The fossil is replaced by iron pyrite that contrasts nicely with the black slate. This is a fantastic display specimen of one of the most sought-after starfish from this classic location.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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