Rare Erettopterus (Pterygotus) bilobus Eurypterid

Name: Erettopterus (Pterygotus) bilobus
Age:  Upper Silurian
Formation:  Kip Burn Formation
Location:  Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Size: Plate is 7.4 inches tall

Specimen SSEU1

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This is a very rare fossil arthropod. It is a complete Erettopterus (Pterygotus) bilobus from the Silurian Beds at Lesmahagow, Scotland. This area is world famous for it's ancient Arthropod and Fish fossils. Some of the oldest complete fish in the world (Jamoytius) come from this site. Arthropods (such as Eurypterids) are rare here, but preserved with fine detail. The area is now protected - this specimen comes from an old European collection and has been recently re-prepared. The Eurypterid is complete with both LONG claws and some appendages, which is extremely unusual. The segmented carapace and bi-lobed tail are both easily seen. The fossil is well displayed on the plate of black shale. This is a classic Old World arthropod fossil that just happens to be beautifully preserved.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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