Incredible Ceraurus and Isotelus Double from Canada

Name: Ceraurus globulatus, Isotelus gigas
Age:  Ordovician
Formation:  Cobourg Formation
Location:  Ontario, Canada
Size: Plate is 6.2 inches across

Specimen SSS03

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This is a beautiful pair of Ordovician trilobites. There is a complete Isotelus gigas and a fabulous Ceraurus globulatus on the plate. The Isotelus is a rare species (gigas) and is quite large (over three inches long!). The Ceraurus is simply a special fossil, one of the best of this type we have ever seen. And both of these specimens preserved together on the same plate is nothing short of spectacular! The trilobites are beautifully showcased on the rectangular limestone block. This is an irreplaceable fossil, with great examples of both classic Canadian trilobites on the same rock.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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