Huge Chilean Megalodon Shark Tooth - Over 6 Inches

Name: Carcharocles megalodon Tooth
Age:  Miocene
Formation:  Huarra Formation
Location:  Atacama Desert, Chile
Size: Tooth is 6.2 inches long, almost 5 inches wide!

Specimen SS139

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This is a HUGE fossil shark tooth. It is a massive Carcharocles megalodon tooth from Chile. This specimen is 6.2 inches long and almost 5 inches wide - simply a monster shark tooth! The beautiful yellow-orange coloration is fully natural. The serrations are easily seen and razor-sharp - it is extremely rare for a tooth this large to have such nice serrations. The tip is not perfect, but it is present and comes to a point. The root of the tooth is in great condition and is very thick and robust - one side even has some of the natural matrix intact. But the most impressive feature of this tooth is that it has no restoration whatsoever - this is extremely rare for a 6+ inch Chilean meg! This is an enormous unrestored Megalodon tooth from this exotic location in the Southern Hemisphere.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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