HUGE Block of Carnegia wongawolensis Stromatolite

Name: Carnegia wongawolensis
Age:  Precambrian
Formation:  Windidda Formation, Earaheedy Group
Location:  Nabberu Basin, Wiluna, Western Australia
Size: Stromatolite is over 12 inches across!

Specimen XISTRX5

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This is an extremely rare stromatolite, Carnegia wongawolensis, from the Precambrian of Australia. Authorities believe that stromatolites were formed by masses of green or blue-green algae, or ''cyanobacteria''. It is believed that this stromatolite is 1.7 billion years old! This amazing mass (it is a block, not a thin slab!) has been highly polished on one side for optimal display. The unique pattern of the stromatolite is beautifully showcased, and the different shades of red and brown in the distinct mineral replacement are quite striking. This is a very collectible example of this uncommon stromatolite from Western Australia.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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