Huge Extinct Buffalo Skull Cap - Bison priscus

Name: Bison priscus
Age:  Pleistocene
Formation:  Ice Age Glaciation
Location:  Nebraska
Size: Spread is 33 inches across horns

Specimen SS144

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This is a very impressive vertebrate fossil. It is a large Bison priscus (Extinct Mammoth Steppe Bison) skull cap from the Ice Age deposits of Nebraska. This specimen is from a large, adult male Bison - the horns are larger and thicker than a female's. The skull cap has both horns intact (part of the back of one horn is missing), and the spread between the horns is almost THREE FEET ACROSS! The entire top of the Buffalo skull is present, and the eye sockets are easily seen. This is a very collectible Ice Age fossil that would display beautifully in any fossil collection.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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