Huge Lee Creek Meg Tooth with Feeding Damage

Name: Carcharocles megalodon Tooth
Age:  Pliocene
Formation:  Yorktown Formation
Location:  Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina
Size: Tooth is 5.4 inches long, 4.4 inches wide!

Specimen SST1

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This is a killer fossil shark tooth. It is a very large (almost five and a half inches long!) Carcharocles megalodon Extinct White Shark tooth from Aurora, North Carolina. This specimen was recently acquired from a major fossil shark tooth collection. Megalodon teeth from North Carolina are very scarce, since fossil collecting in the Lee Creek Mine was drastically curtailed a few years ago. The quality of this tooth is simply exquisite. The enamel and serrations are almost perfectly preserved and razor-sharp. The root, too, is practically flawless. But there is also an amazing story associated with this tooth. This tooth has distinct damage that was caused in a feeding frenzy! There is a nearly one inch gash on the edge of the tooth, which is very easily seen. This damage was caused by the shark gnawing on something extremely hard (like a Whale bone), or the tooth was shed during feeding and bitten by the shark while chewing! Modern Great White Shark teeth show the same damage caused by feeding or by fishermen's hooks. But damage this distinct is rare in the fossil record. This is a VERY collectible fossil Meg tooth with an ancient story to tell.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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