Extremely Spiny Enrolled Drotops armatus

Name: Enrolled Drotops armatus
Age:  Devonian
Formation:  AM Limestone
Location:  Morocco
Size: Trilobite is almost 3 inches wide!

Specimen SS175

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This is an extremely spiny trilobite. It is a complete Drotops armatus from Morocco. This colorful specimen was prepared under a microscope in the EXTINCTIONS Prep Lab here in Colorado, as are all of our Moroccan trilobites. This large, enrolled trilobite (almost three inches wide!) has many, many free-standing spines protruding from the head, body, and tail. The bug is tightly enrolled and extremely inflated, which is quite unusual - usually they are not fully enrolled and/or somewhat flattened. The large, compound faceted eyes are wonderfully preserved and practically flawless. And the natural color of this beauty is simply amazing - a strikingly bright shade of Olive Green. This is a breathtaking example of an enrolled ''Spiny Phacops'' - one of the most impressive ones we have ever seen.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.
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