HUGE Acadoparadoxides - Part and Counterpart

Name: Acadoparadoxides briareus
Age:  Middle Cambrian
Formation:  Paradoxides Beds
Location:  Morocco
Size: Trilobite is 11.2 inches long!

Specimen SS177

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This is a HUGE example of a classic Cambrian trilobite. It is a very distinct Acadoparadoxides briareus from the Cambrian of Morocco. This type is one of the most faked or reconstructed trilobites from Morocco - this one, however, is guaranteed to be authentic. This unusual species of trilobite is complete and wonderfully articulated. Both free cheeks are present, which is quite unusual for this trilobite. The inflated bug exhibits wonderful detail - the long, sweeping genal spines are intact and beautifully displayed, the crescent-shaped eyes are easily seen, and the pleural spines and tail are clearly defined. The trilobite has striking natural color and is well showcased on the somewhat oval plate of matrix. But the clincher is that the large counterpart is also present , which is EXTREMELY unusual. And, yes, the trilobite is almost a foot long! This is a very large, genuine example of this Moroccan trilobite with its counterpart plate still intact.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.
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