Extremely Rare Complete SuperCroc Skull

Name: Sarcosuchus imperator
Age:  Cretaceous
Formation:  Tegana Formation
Location:  Taouz, Morocco
Size: Skull is just over 8 inches long

Specimen SS194

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This is one of the most collectible vertebrate fossils we have ever had. It is a fabulous Sarcosuchus imperator(?) skull from the Cretaceous Deposits of Morocco. Sarcosuchus means, "Flesh Crocodile Emperor", and has been nicknamed "SuperCroc". This nearly complete baby Sarcosuchus skull is almost fully intact. The skull is usually the most delicate part of a skeleton and is the part least likely to be found intact as a fossil. A skull is made from many fragile bones that easily fall apart after death, especially as a juvenile. This specimen is tightly articulated and wonderfully inflated and 3-dimensional. The dorsal side still has the many reticulated plates displayed, and the ventral side shows the true delicate nature of the skull. The skull is so complete, it even has the occipital condyle intact and the remains of twelve teeth, which is EXTREMELY RARE! Overall, this is one of the most complete Sarcosuchus skulls ever found in Morocco, which may also even be a new genus or species!  This is one fossil that we will simply never be able to replace.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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