Incredible Ceraurus with Every Spine Free-Standing

Name: Ceraurus sp., Asaphus (Neoasaphus) kowalewskii
Age:  Ordovician
Formation:  Asery Level
Location:  St. Petersburg, Russia
Size: Ceraurus is about 3 inches long

Specimen SS181

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This is easily one of the most meticulously-prepared trilobites we have ever seen. It is a spectacular Ceraurus sp. and Asaphus (Neoasaphus) kowalewski multiple plate from the Ordovician outcrops near St. Petersburg, Russia. Cheirurid trilobites are some of the most pleasing and recognizable trilobites ever found. This specimen has all of the classic features that make this type of trilobite so collectible. The long, sweeping genal spines make for an awesome display, the body of the trilobite is beautifully preserved, and the LONG tailspines seem to go on forever. But the fact that EVERY SPINE ON THIS TRILOBITE'S HEAD, BODY, AND TAIL HAS BEEN PREPARED IN A FREE-STANDING MANNER is simply mind-boggling! It took MANY DAYS of microscopic extraction to bring this bug to life. A complete Neoasaphus kowalewskii, a classic Asaphid trilobite, is also showcased on the slab. This stalk-eyed bug is almost perfectly prone and displays beautifully. But the real gem of this plate is the delicate Ceraurus that floats high above the matrix block. It is hard to imagine a better prepared and showy trilobite specimen than this breathtaking example.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.
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