Amazing Cluster of Colorful Pyritized Ammonites

Name: Cosmoceras pronae
Age:  Jurassic
Formation:  Callovian Layers
Location:  Michailov, Russia
Size: Block is 7.4" across, 5.3" tall

Specimen SS195

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This is a beautiful block of pyritized ammonites. These ammonites are Cosmoceras pronae from the Jurassic Period of Russia. There are nine gorgeous ammonites clustered together on the pyritic base, the largest being about three and a half inches across! Many of the ammonites have been cut open, revealing the hollow chambers that are overflowing with pyrite crystals. All of the ammonites are extremely robust and exhibit very fine detail - even the tiny inner whorls of the ammonites are wonderfully displayed! The ammonites have brilliant natural coloration - many even retain the highly iridescent, mother-of-pearl shell (the rainbow of colors are much more vibrant in person than what the pictures show). The ammonites are beautifully showcased, scattered about the of the large chunk of pyritic matrix. With the combination of both whole and cut ammonites, this is one of the most striking ammonite display plates that we have ever offered.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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