Breathtaking Koneprusia with Long, Thorny Spines

Name: Undescribed Koneprusia
Age:  Devonian
Formation:  AM Limestone
Location:  Morocco
Size: Trilobite is almost 1.5 inches long

Specimen TTMZ1

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Now THIS is a spiny trilobite! It is an undescribed type of Koneprusia from Morocco. This work of art was meticulously prepared for DAYS under a microscope here in the EXTINCTIONS Prep Lab. This specimen has one of the most collectible features found on trilobites - spines growing off of other spines! Very few trilobites in the fossil record possessed these secondary spines - thorns, if you will. This specimen showcases its myriad of spines beautifully - and the entire array of spines have been prepared free-standing! The best way for us to describe this specimen is for you to just look at the photos - a picture speaks a thousand words - or spines, if you will! There are simply spines everywhere -  this is one of the spiniest types of trilobites we have ever seen, and can only really be appreciated in person. This is definitely one of the most impressive and delicately spiny trilobites you could own, period.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.
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