Spectacular Ampyx with Free-Standing Spines

Name: Ampyx sp.
Age:  Middle Ordovician
Formation:  Asery Level
Location:  St. Petersburg, Russia
Size: Trilobite is about 2" long, 2" wide at spines

Specimen SS187

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This is a very rare and beautiful Russian trilobite. It is a complete Ampyx sp. from the Ordovician layers near St. Petersburg. This type is known for its very long genal spines and extremely long nose spine. This specimen was prepared so that all three of these spines are fully free of matix - waving in the wind, so to speak. The large trilobite is wonderfully outstretched and has exquisite detail preserved. The bug is quite 3-D for this type, and the natural caramel color is simply striking. The trilobite is almost perfectly centered on the sculpted plate of limestone - it displays beautifully, to say the least. This is a breathtaking example of this very rare spiny Russian trilobite.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.
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